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Deadly Walmart Shooting Blamed On Love Triangle 

(Merritt Island, FL) -- A love triangle appears to be behind a deadly shooting at a Brevard County Walmart. The shooting happened Sunday night inside a Merritt Island store on East Merritt Island Causeway. Deputies say Cocoa's Shawn Robbins showed up at the store to confront manager Rashad Gibson over a woman before Gibson allegedly shot Robbins. Gibson, who also lives in Cocoa, has not been charged. 

House Approves Disaster Relief Bill 

(Washington, DC) -- The president's signature is all that stands in the way of the Panhandle getting millions in disaster relief. The House yesterday passed a 19-billion dollar relief bill that will be split between Florida, other states and Puerto Rico. Some of the money will go to help Panhandle communities and Tyndall Air Force Base recover from Hurricane Michael. President Trump is expected to sign the bill. 

Murder Suspect Mistakenly Released 

(Fort Lauderdale, FL) -- A man Broward County deputies call a dangerous criminal is on the loose after he was mistakenly released from custody. Deputies last week released Eric Vail after a second-degree murder charge was dropped, but deputies weren't aware that the reason the charge was dismissed because it was upgraded to first-degree murder. The sheriff's office blames the clerk of courts for the mixup, but the clerk's office has not commented. The 28-year-old Vail is wanted for killing a man in Pembroke Park last year.

Bar Robbed And Employees Beaten 

(Hudson, FL) -- A Pasco County bar plans to reopen today after it closed following a violent incident. Deputies say two armed men broke into Sam's Beach Bar yesterday morning in Hudson where they beat and pepper-sprayed some employees. The bar says everyone is OK, but the suspects remain on the loose. The mother of one victim tells ABC Action News one suspect put a gun in her daughter's face and threatened to kill her before forcing her into a cooler.

Orlando Bans Plastic Straws 

(Orlando, FL) -- Plastic straws will soon be banned in Orlando, but this ban goes further than others across the state. The Orlando City Council voted yesterday to ban not just plastic straws but also bags, utensils and Styrofoam containers and cups. Orlando is the first city to ban all those products, and Mayor Buddy Dyer says he hopes other cities follow Orlando's lead. The ban will take effect October First. 

Study: 25 Cups Of Coffee A Day Is FIne 

(Manchester, UK) -- A new study finds that drinking 25 cups of coffee a day is no worse for your heart than drinking one cup a day. Researchers with the British Heart Foundation looked at more than eight-thousand people who drank varying amounts of coffee and compared their MRI scans. The data seemed to contradict previous studies that suggested coffee stiffens arteries and increases the risk of heart attack. 

Florida Cops Stop McDonald's Jail Smuggling Attempt 

(Green Cove Springs, FL) -- The Clay County Sheriff's Department says they stopped a smuggler from trying to sneak McDonald's food and other items into their detention facility. It is believed the would-be smuggler hid the items in the trash can as a visitor so inmate crews could find it. The can was holding several cheeseburgers and McChicken sandwiches as well as a tube of Grizzly chewing tobacco. Officials tweeted that "daily inspections intercepted" the items. No charges for the failed attempt have been announced.


2007, Louisiana Congressman William Jefferson was indicted on 16 counts related to bribery, fraud and conspiracy. Prosecutors say Jefferson used his position and influence to promote the sale of telecommunications equipment to a Nigerian company in return for stock and cash payments.

1998, Americans aboard Space Shuttle Discovery docked with Space Station Mir to pick up Andrew Thomas, who'd spent four months in orbit.

1986, Jonathan Pollard, a former Navy Intelligence analyst, pled guilty to spying for Israel. 

1937, one of the first grocery store shopping carts was introduced. Sylvan Goldman, the owner of the Piggly Wiggly supermarket chain in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, is credited with its invention.

1929, George Eastman demonstrated the first Technicolor movie in New York.

1924, an eternal light was dedicated at New York's Madison Square Garden in honor of the soldiers who died in World War One.

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