Concealed Carry: Can you do it in a store?

The headline was shocking, the photo was more so.An officer on my former police department bailed out of his cruiser in time to avoid the train that would split the car in half.South Charleston PD is down on police car, but the officer is fine and the bad girl he was pursuing is in custody.

The NBA is mincing words.Professional athletes may be the closest thing we have to slavery in today’s America.The players are bought and sold, drafted and traded as livestock.They are very well paid livestock, but livestock they are to the teams that own and play them.Apparently the NBA is sensitive about such imagery and terminology.There is a push to soften the reality by not referring to team owners as owners.Well, if you call a dog’s tail a leg how many legs does he have?Doesn’t’ matter what you call it, it is what it is!

So maybe we change to Dodgeball.But there is a problem there, also.It seems the game picks on the less advantaged athletes and is a tool of oppression.

The shooting at the Merritt Island Walmart appears to have been a love triangle and no charges have been filed.It was not near a mass shooting, nor was it going to be.But the incident raises the question about the law and carrying guns into public places.

The president is in Great Britain.The protests are on and Piers Morgan is defending the president.A man who’s accurately predicted the last 9 elections says impeachment is the only way President Trump will be unseated.While some bemoan the tariffs the president is using in international trade negotiations, they are working and he is winning!


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So, maybe we change it to dodgeball?

MI shooting a love triangle

What about carrying that gun into a store?

Piers Morgan hits Brits over disrespecting Trump

Accurate presidential predictor says only one way Trump loses in 2020

Trump tariffs…WINNING!

FEC gets active on “Zombie Campaigns”

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