Wasting Perfectly Good Milkshakes

What happens when you lose an election, continue to politically stalk the winner and still can’t convince people that you were the better person for the job?You have a milkshake…and then you waste it.Yes, it’s a Florida story.Speaking of…did former Democratic candidate for governor Andrew Gillum defraud his party?

We began the weekend with a mass shooting at the City of Virginia Beach.There are no indicators yet as to why, even though the why never makes sense to us.

Brevard schools are requiring ECG’s for student athletes to seed out potential heart problems that have been seen at various places across the country.

The Brevard Cultural Alliance and the Children’s Services Council got differing results from the County Commission late last week.

One State Representative from the panhandle has a perception problem…he can’t see that he’s doing stupid things!The Brevard Delegation seems to think more of itself than it does the constitution and that needs to change!


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Did Gillum defraud Dems?

Virginia Beach shooting stuns workplace/community

BPS to require ECG for student athletes

BCA gets $ to finish fiscal year

CSC and commission still at odds

Panhandle Rep has a perception problem

What the legislature thinks of itself

Federal Grand Jury wants Guilty Gillum info

FEC gets active on “Zombie Campaigns”

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