Inconsistency, Thy Name is Hollywood

We began yesterday’s show praising vocational education in Brevard.It was well deserved.Thankfully today’s education story is not from Brevard.It’s on the other end of the education spectrum.

Melbourne International Airport continues fighting the battle to usurp the name Orlando in its title.It’s deceptive, it’s stupid and it just doesn’t make sense, but fight for it they are.

Hollywood is known for leftist political stances and action on them…in the United States.The entertainment industry is woefully inconsistent in how this applies across the globe.While we are in Hollywood, Meryl Streep has had a moment of brilliance.Will the left listen to its golden girl?

Florida Today held the Civility Brevard #metoo event at EFSC last night.It was well attended and had a solid premise for discussion.Sadly, one activist panelist tried to derail the discussion from the outset.She nearly did.

Guilty Gillum has been hit with a Federal Grand Jury subpoena.It has to do with his campaign, affiliations and donors.It’ll take time to see just what the Feds are looking into.

Last week we talked about Zombie Campaigns.This week the FEC has done something about them.


Back to the other end of education

MLB fighting the senseless battle

Disney believes in killing off potential audience

Netflix, too- but only in the United States

Meryl Streep has moment of brilliance


Federal Grand Jury wants Guilty Gillum info

FEC gets active on “Zombie Campaigns”

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