Fightin' Words!

It’ll be fun to begin our day with some good news out of Brevard Public Schools.Vo-Tech programs are doing more than we may have thought.

A uniform patch is causing a big flap for one US Navy unit.People need to lighten up!And wait till you hear the ad for one congressional candidate who happens to be a combat veteran.Apparently his passion translates to fightin’ words for some.We’ll let you decide.

Come July the texting while driving ban takes effect in Florida.Some of what Florida legislators are saying makes you stop and wonder if they ever had a clue.

Robert Mueller had a presser yesterday and the only thing I could think of was Forrest Gump’s park bench tag line.

While the governor and company have been in Israel they did some looking around.They believe that there may be answers for school security to be found…and that the First amendment to the US Constitution is unimportant.

Dave Isnardi has a new lawyer and he’s a good one.It’s a ways off, but we’ll see what is and is not substance in this case.

And don’t forget the Civility Brevard #metoo event at EFSC’s Melbourne Student Union tonight at 6pm.Panelists are: Eric Hoppenbrouwer (the best woman for the job is a man, just like college sports), Monique Miller, Mel Martin and Vicki Impoco.This should be interesting!


Good news from Brevard Schools

Navy patch causes panic in some

Them’s fightin’ words (and pictures)!

The texting while driving ban…dos and don’ts

Mueller: “and that’s all I have to say about that.”

Does Israel have answers for school security?

While we’re at it, DeSantis signs bill infringing on the First Amendment

Dave Isnardi has a new lawyer: he’s a good one

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