TV, Sports for Snowflakes and a Cowardly Sheriff

While SpaceX innovates leaving the planet there are delays that are unexpected.Do we now see a reason for some of those delays?Is Moonbase Alpha on the way?

College sports are about competition and striving for excellence.One Division III apparently hasn’t gotten the message and has resulted in an example of what snowflakes do when they can’t compete.

The Osceola Sheriff must be a coward.While Sheriff Ivey has honored deputies who have run against him, the Osceola Ogre has fired a deputy who has filed to run in 2020.

Brevard Superintendent of Schools Mark Mullins has a very good rebuttal to Florida Today’s union support piece that incorrectly characterizes teacher retention as some kind of crisis they call a silent strike.Brevard’s numbers are far better than most districts nationwide and even more so when you consider overall retention in the general workforce.

While Governor DeSantis was right in protecting the information of pre-registered, underage future voters, he missed the mark in taking critical incident recordings away from the view of the public.

In today’s final hour Tim Walters of Florida Today will join us as the paper prepares to mark the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11.


A reason for launch delays?

NASA readies for “Space 1999”

College Snowflake Sports

The Osceola Sheriff must be a coward

Mullins counters propaganda piece

Mass shooting and pre-voter records protected

More Florida constitution subversion ahead

Aguiar seeking bond

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