Mick's Morning News with Jorge Medina

Long Dies Without Final Words 

(Starke, FL) -- The family members of Bobby Joe Long's victims will never get the apology they may have been hoping for. Long refused to share any last words before he was executed last night at Florida State Prison in Bradford County. His execution started at 6:43, and he was declared dead at 6:55. The 65-year-old confessed to killing eight women in Tampa Bay in the 1980s.

Daytona Beach Police Arrest Dozens In Drug Sweep 

(Daytona Beach, FL) -- The streets of Daytona Beach should be safer after a recent drug sweep. That's what Police Chief Capri said yesterday in announcing the arrests of 70 people in Operation Tone Setter. Capri said getting drug dealers off the streets will make neighborhoods safer for kids to play this summer. He also noted that along with drug deals often come guns, which can lead to chaos and mayhem.

Arrest Made In 1986 Murder 

(Sanford, FL) -- A 30-year-old murder mystery may finally be solved in Seminole County. The sheriff announced yesterday that Danny Emitt was arrested this week for killing Eveline Aguilar in 1986. Emitt, who was just 17 at the time, allegedly stabbed the 38-year-old woman to death in her home near Casselberry. DNA testing led detectives to the 50-year-old Emitt, who was found in Tennessee working as a dishwasher and busboy at a restaurant.  

Disaster Relief Bill Passes Senate 

(Washington, DC) -- Panhandle residents could benefit from an act of bipartisanship in Washington. The Senate yesterday passed a disaster relief bill that will help those affected by Hurricane Michael. The 19-billion dollar bill includes over a billion dollars for Tyndall Air Force Base, but it does not include money President Trump wanted for border security. Still, lawmakers expect Trump to sign the bill if it passes the House. 

Fake Law Enforcement Officers Rob Residents 

(Tampa, FL) -- A search is underway for four people who claimed to be law enforcement officers to rob their victims in Hillsborough County. The suspects barged into a home in Citrus Park on Tabor Drive early yesterday, tied up three people and fled with thousands of dollars in cash and jewelry. A shot was fired but no one was hurt. 

Orlando, Ocala And Melbourne Rank As Some Of Country's Most Affordable Downtowns 

(Undated) -- If you want to live somewhere affordable and close to the action, there are three cities in Central Florida worth checking out. GoBankingRates.com released a list this week of the country's most affordable downtowns, and Orlando, Ocala and Melbourne all made the list. Orlando ranked 19th, while Ocala was 10th and Melbourne was sixth. Orlando was credited for Lake Eola Park, Ocala for its outdoor recreation activities, and Melbourne for its historic downtown, community events and proximity to Kennedy Space Center.

Boston Man Claims Someone Broke Into His Home, Cleaned It 

(Boston, MA) -- A Boston man is claiming someone broke into his home and cleaned it. And except for ignoring his kitchen, they did a pretty good job including making origami roses with his toilet paper. Nate Roman returned home from work with his son on May 15th. They noticed the front door was unlocked. When he looked around, Roman thought something was wrong. When he looked in his son's bedroom he knew something was wrong because it was clean. He called police. Nothing was stolen or damaged. Roman suspects a cleaning service went to the wrong house.


2008, daredevil Robbie Knievel successfully jumped 24 semi-trucks with his motorcycle at King's Island in Ohio. Thousands of people were on hand to watch as Knievel sped 95-miles-an-hour off the launch ramp. Knievel soared 200 feet before reaching his landing ramp. Robbie became the second Knievel to make a successful jump at Kings Island. His father, Evel, jumped 14 Greyhound buses there in 1975. 

1995, Hollywood Madam Heidi Fleiss was sentenced to three years in prison for running a call girl operation which catered to the rich and famous.

1935, the Cincinnati Reds beat Philadelphia in the first baseball game to be played under the lights.

1883, New York City's Brooklyn Bridge opened, linking Manhattan and Brooklyn. 

1844, Samuel Morse demonstrated the telegraph with what is now known as Morse Code. The message "What hath God wrought" was sent from Washington, D.C. to Baltimore, Maryland.

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