Tech Trouble? Coffee and Arts

We are increasingly tied to our technology and it comes with its own set of rules, if not laws.It’s rules that can get us in trouble if we don’t keep up.And what about those devices we talk to that perform various functions for us.Everything from dialing a phone to monitoring our homes, we talk to them and they do our bidding.Is it because they are female?Are we subjugating females by having those female voices in play?

In an interesting admission the Pentagon has admitted to investigating UFO’s.When you think of it, why wouldn’t we?

While it seems politics are in everything and Starbucks seems to think that includes our morning coffee, Duncan (formerly of donut fame) says not so fast.

The Brevard Arts community is in a tizzy as the Tourist Development Council has finally realized the fleecing they have been taking from the Brevard Cultural Alliance.

And in Tallahassee, or Israel (wherever Florida government is centered these days), while the legislature likes to complain about things like Florida elections, they do little to help with actual (as opposed to perceived) problems.And if you think our constitution is a jumbled mess now, just wait until you see what the special interests have on tap for the next election.


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