WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY: Horror, Happiness & Harmony…or not

Today you get to choose what we discuss on BML.Maybe it’s the Palm Bay political scandals, maybe it’s controversy in the county commission or maybe you have thoughts on something we have discussed in recent weeks, but you didn’t get to weigh in.Whatever it is, today’s the day.Your day.

For my part we have a kid graduating high school and Harvard at the same time, Cape Cod all twisted up over some beach t-shirts, a Google conservative employee showing us just how the company is after him, a study showing religious, conservative women are happier than others, Chick-fil-A headed to a new Viera location, the leftist clown car parading into the county commission and more constitution nonsense headed our way if petitioners are successful.

So, what’s it to be?We’ll leave it up to you on this WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY.


Can Harvard be that tough?

It’s not JAWS!

Are religious conservatives happier?

Google: It’s not paranoia if they are after you

Chick-fil-A headed your way…in Viera

County Commission meeting: the clown car of the left speaks

More Florida constitution subversion ahead

Aguiar seeking bond

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