Gays, Christians, Chicken, Sports and Zombies

Elton John is a talented musician.His music has topped the charts since the 1970’s and it should have.John is openly gay and yet, has a reasoned perspective on the actor playing him in the Rocket man movie.It’s not what the LGBT crowd wants to hear, but will they vilify the prolific singer/songwriter as they do others?

The legislature in Texas is taking steps to protect religious freedom and, specifically, Chick-fil-A.After San Antonio went on an anti-religion tirade in not allowing the chicken giant to have a store in the airport, Texans decided to act.

ESPN is finally waking up to the truth.We don’t want our sports littered with political overtones…unless they are actually a part of the story.

How do you direct the results you want on college teacher evaluations?You manipulate the evaluators.

Dave Isnardi’s codefendant is now seeking bond.After reviewing the charging documents in the case Jose Aguiar is the dangerous one in the crowd.Just like the informant who seems to find a way to hang with trouble.

Zombies are popular these days.The Walking Dead and spin-off Fear the Walking Dead are wildly popular.So are Zombie Campaigns and one former Brevard legislature is keeping one alive while it is actually long since dead.


Elton John gives LGBT whines the what for

TX defending Chick-fil-A, religious expression

ESPN wakes up to its job

Fixing a nonexistent problem

Aguiar seeking bond

Zombie Campaign Funds


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