Testing, Touching, Talking & Transition

Sometimes you just need hockey and a good book.Throw in church Sunday morning and a couple of nice meals with friends and the weekend was a good one.Oh, there was show prep, as well.And that brings us to what’s on tap for today’s BML.

The College Board administers the SAT test and it’s scrambling to try and remain relevant.It made a boo-boo in the effort.#metoo was to be about empowering women in the workplace, but did it go too far?In Palm Bay the council needs a primer on open meetings.Be that as it may, the council sure got an ear full Thursday evening as they met for the first time since the arrests that exposed the inner ugliness that is Palm Bay politics.In one bright spot, He Who Shall Not Be Named is leaving “the city corrupt,” just not soon enough.In Brevard school news the special magistrate has decided the district can come up with more money.Will the board agree?A feature in Florida Today talks about teachers leaving for other counties or getting out of teaching all together.I’m not sure the numbers are out of line.


Clawing for relevance and missing the idea

#metoo hurts who?

Isnardi gets bond, is out

Palm Bay council has closed meeting in front of open one

Palm Bay council got their ears full

He Who Shall Not Be Named to exit Palm Bay job

Special magistrate sides with teachers’ union

Teachers walking away from teaching

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