When Snowflakes Hit the Workplace

Have we considered what our future workplaces will become as snowflakes enter the workforce?It’s not going to be pretty!If you think you are saving money by jumping into an electric car, it won’t be tax money you save!Folks in LA are worried about racial profiling and gangs, but isn’t race a part of gang affiliation?The Brevard Cultural Alliance is threatening to shut down if they don’t get the taxpayer funding they crave.Please, go ahead!

In the big story of the week it is there a conflict of interest with Bryan Lober representing Dave Isnardi?Are hookers and blow just how business is done on the political scene?

Florida Today’s John Torres joins us in our final hour of the week.


What will our workplaces become with snowflake workforce?

It’s not about the environment, it’s about taxes

Racial profiling and gangs

BCA threatens shut down…please!

Is there a Lober conflict representing Isnardi?

Commission cancels workshop as it starts

Hookers and blow in Tallahassee

The Isnardi affidavit for warrant

The Aguiar affidavit for warrant

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