Palm Bay on Fire: Day 2

Yesterday we dove into the Palm Bay case that has resulted in the arrests of Dave Isnardi and Jose Aguiar.We examined the use and management of Confidential Sources.We looked at the Isnardi charging document and only got half way through it.Today we’ll wrap up the Isnardi charges and then take a look at Aguiar’s.They are similar, after all a conspiracy is alleged.But, could the whole thing blow up on investigators?There are implications for people not charged.Was it responsible for investigators to include uncharged and potentially unfounded allegations against persons not arrested?Was that even wise if they hope to further the investigation?

Questions lie ahead and we’ll get your take on the answers on today’s BML.


The Isnardi affidavit for warrant

The Aguiar affidavit for warrant

Isnardi bond hearing set for Friday

Hookers and blow in Tallahassee


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