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Missing Man Said To Be Endangered 

(Cape Canaveral, FL) -- A search is underway for a missing Brevard County man believed to be in danger. Cape Canaveral 84-year-old Jack Gordon was reported missing yesterday afternoon after he failed to show up for an appointment. He's described as five-foot-ten, 145 pounds with short white hair and brown eyes. He may be driving a silver Lexus with a Purple Heart Florida plate.

Circle K Apologizes To Leesburg's Mayor 

(Leesburg, FL) -- A mayor in Lake County now has the apology he has been waiting for. Circle K apologized yesterday to Leesburg Mayor John Christian after an employee accused Christian of stealing gas this week. Christian, who's also a pastor, says a clerk at the station on West Main Street berated him for stealing 14-dollars' worth of gas before realizing the mayor was innocent. Christian gave the clerk 14 dollars to cover the loss anyway, and yesterday, Christian wrote on Facebook Circle K's regional manager apologized and refunded his 14 dollars.  

Oviedo Mayor Allegedly Threatened To Kill Neighbor 

(Oviedo, FL) -- A lost cat is at the heart of a dispute that led to a mayor allegedly threatening violence in Orange County. Oviedo Mayor Dominic Persampiere is accused of threatening to shoot and kill his neighbors this week. Police say Persampiere's daughter was in front of the neighbor’s house this week looking for her cat when the couple came out and threatened to call the police. That's when Persampiere made the alleged threat.He was not charged because he did not have a gun at the time. 

Little League Official Accused Of Stealing From Organization 

(Clermont, FL) -- A husband's startling discovery is credited with uncovering a scheme to rob a Lake County little league. Clermont's Leia Drew was arrested this week for grand theft after allegedly stealing almost 14-thousand dollars from South Lake Little League. The 41-year-old used to be the organization's secretary. Investigators say Drew's husband told the organization last year he found out his wife had a prescription drug problem and was using the league's funds to support her addiction. 

Lawmakers Propose 'John Registry' 

(Tampa, FL) -- Those who work with victims of human trafficking support a new effort to shame the perpetrators. State lawmakers recently passed a bill that would create a public database of everyone who solicits a prostitute. The so-called 'John Registry' is modeled after the sex offender registry, and a Pinellas County pastor says public humiliation could be a deterrent. He tells Fox 13 News he wishes everybody could see the damage done to sex trafficking victims.  

Top Ten List For Cleaners' Weirdest Finds 

(Undated) -- Bark.com has released a top ten list of the weirdest things cleaners have found while at work. The survey included responses from over two-thousand cleaners leading the site's co-founder to claim that cleaners never see "a dull day on the job." The list, documenting items at clients' houses, includes a box full of ashes, voodoo dolls with pins, an entirely cleaned chicken carcass, a jewelery box containing ladies' fingernails, a five-foot statue of a penis, a sex brothel dollhouse, a real elephant's foot, a jar of dead moths, a living room farm and a ten-inch wooden dildo.  

Manatee Orgy Stops Florida Traffic 

(Tampa Bay, FL) -- Traffic on a Florida highway is back to normal today following a rare manatee sighting. Drivers on Courtney Campbell Causeway in Tampa Bay called coast guards and newschannels when they thought they were witnessing manatees in distress in the water. With most callers pulled over, news helicopters descended on the sight, only to discover the manatees were not in distress, but in a "mating ball." A manatee "mating ball," occurring a few times a year, is when a group of males encircles a smaller group of females to take turns mating. Traffic returned to normal once that distinction was made clear. 


2011, Space Shuttle Endeavour blasted off for its final mission in space. Endeavour and its six-man crew were tasked with delivering a two-billion dollar Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer designed to illuminate dark matter and exotic forms of nature for scientists to get a look at. The mission was led by astronaut Mark Kelly.

2001, former FBI agent Robert Hanssen was indicted on charges of spying for Russia. Hanssen later pled guilty to 15 counts of espionage and was sentenced to life in prison without parole.

1939, food stamps were introduced in the U.S.A..

1866, pharmacist Charles Elmer Hires invented Root Beer.

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