WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY: Palm Bay is On Fire Edition

I take one long weekend, just one, and Palm Bay decides to blow up!So did my phone, my texts and my email.It’s expected when something like this happens and we’ll explore it on today’s WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY.

After examining the charging document for Dave Isnardi my thoughts take me to:

The investigation hinges on a confidential informant

There are ways to cultivate and manage such informants

Informant motives are always in question

What you bring to the table from the informant must be verifiable to include what the informant says, what the informant reports and what the informant actually does and witnesses

Unverified information is investigated and if it cannot be substantiated it is discarded

After the initial review of the document, I have questions about the investigation and its conclusions.I am sure you do as well and we go there on this WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY


The Isnardi affidavit for warrant

Isnardi bond hearing set for Friday

Hookers and blow in Tallahassee

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