WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY: Comedy, Law and Justice

Our news this morning unveils a hidden risk we ask first responders to take every day.It’s the incidental exposure to dangerous drugs that can kill.And that’s only one of the risks our thin blue line takes on every shift.

It’s nice to see some campaign comedy as the parody Joe Biden web site leads the Google search and the real one isn’t even close.The Pulse memorial is getting traditional funding in the ways most charities do.The state should have never pitched in with tax dollars.An Orange child molester gets a lengthy probation instead of life in prison.How in the world is this justice?

Colorado is home to another school shooting.No, it’s not the gun’s fault.

Law is established by our elected representatives and administered by employees.Employees make mistakes and there will always be someone looking to exploit those errors.The proliferation of pot businesses could be a result of that kind of mistake.Ag Commissioner Nikki Fried has changed the gas pump certification stickers that are posted on every pump.They have her photo.Are these certifications or campaign ads?And…are they legal?Must a business accept cash if you tender it?The answer is surprising and some cities are taking steps to make it so.

And finally, most importantly, today is WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY and your topics drive the show today.Callus with your ideas at 321-768-1240 and you’re in charge.What’s on your mind?


What we ask of them…

Campaign comedy: the Biden website

How the Pulse memorial should be funded

Child molester gets probation instead of life

Colorado home to another school shooting

What government does for one…

Is Fried photo OK on gas pumps?

Must businesses accept cash?

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