Putting the Science to Sci-Fi

Is science finally catching up to the fiction?Given a couple of stories we have in play today, it would seem so.If you’ve had someone in assisted living the experience can be draining on you and a bank account.What if that care could be provided by…a robot?

At the other end of the age spectrum we have one college student standing up for himself and his fellow males.He says toxic masculinity is a fiction.That puts him on the other end of Gillette!

We also have the things that the legislature could not get done in Tallahassee this session and the County Commission giving a pass to unethical behavior and bad advertising decisions.



Putting the science to sci-fi

Here’s an example- click an keep refreshing

Sci-Fi and elder care

One college student standing up…good for him!

Legislative session over-here’s the recap

When you waive conflicts of interest you have a problem

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