$91B and Limited Freedom

I don’t regularly watch Saturday Night Live.There are occasions that change my mind and Saturday night was one of them.Adam Sandler hosted the show and it was his first trip back in 24 years.He’s traveled a great path since then and it was clear to see why Sandler is a star.

Until his retirement last year Jim Banke was WMMB’s space resource for more years than we can count.Jim was honored at the NASA press site for his space reporting throughout his career.He is a wealth of knowledge and the honor is well deserved.

I am a hockey fan.The Olympics got me hooked years ago.A few years ago the women’s game got my attention.These gals play an amazing brand of the game.They don’t have the same opportunities the men do for professional play, especially here in North America.Still, while I would like to see them have the chance, the economics of it just don’t add up.

Remember the Pennsylvania girl who was changing for gym class and turned to see a boy in women’s underwear staring at her?She’s filed a lawsuit that highlights the problems of these situations.

For years Ruth Bader Ginsburg has been the feminist darling of the left.Democrats in DC decided to run an online preference poll pitting RBG against Brett Kavanaugh.They didn’t leave it up long.

$91+ Billion later the Florida Legislature has ended the 2019 session.IT was not a great ne by any stretch of the imagination and one Democrat has nailed the problem.We’ll take a look at what passed and what died, besides freedom, I mean.

And locally, when you can waive conflicts of interest in board appointments, do ethics matter at all?



Congratulations Jim Banke!

I like women’s hockey, but…let’s be real

FOLLOW-UP: victimized girl files suit over tranny in locker room

When you run a poll, be sure you’re ready for the answer

Legislative session over-here’s the recap

Glad this one made it in Tallahassee

When you waive conflicts of interest you have a problem

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