Freedom Friday (if the legislature can close without more infringements)

What do you do when you’re driving down the road and an approaching car is frantically flashing its lights at you?If you’re like most of us you slow down.It’s been a thing since long before I was driving.Technology may be a better warning system now, but the flashers are still out there.Is it legal?

The first amendment has been under attack in the Florida Legislature and corporations, who can do whatever they want when it comes to allowing people to use their products, are clamping down on speech they don’t like or see as extreme.I’m pretty sure most of us can ignore Alex Jones or Louis Farrakhan without Facebook’s help.

The Florida Legislature won’t close on time; the session will extend until Saturday because the budget was not ready.Other bills will have to be done today or they won’t happen.We do get an interesting look at how bad legislation happens and why in a Florida Today/USA Today story about state legislatures being used as tools of agenda driven groups.

Representative Tyler Sirois will be with as in our 7am hour as we talk the session and what’s coming out of it.

In our final hour of the week Florida Today’s Isadora Rangel will join us and I get the feeling civility may just come up.



What about flashing lights to warn of speed traps?

I can ignore Alex Jones without Facebook’s help

…or, does Facebook have a seat in the Florida Legislature?

How bad legislation happens

House gets tough on Sanctuary Cities bill

And there goes restitution as Republicans cave

Grow your garden…if the governor signs

“To make sure we do something”- a legislative problem

Guns for teachers goes to governor

Governor gets bill to ban plastic straw bans

Criminal justice reform under way as session closes

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