Running from the Cops and Other Fun Activities

Running from the cops is never a good thing.It’s even worse when you’re stupid!High School students like humor- right up until they are taught that sensitivity is more important…which it’s not.The CIA has an active Twitter presence, but should it?The problem with voter initiative is that voters just don’t know what’s asked of them.

Here in Florida the TDC is facing some infighting over how to spend our tax dollars.You could soon be able to tell code enforcement to shove it when it comes to your home garden.A problem with Florida legislators is that they fell like they must do something.The teacher gun bill is on the way to the governor who is also considering a plastic straw ban-ban and the legislature is scheduled to wrap it up tomorrow.



When you need to run from the cops- don’t do this

H.S. students offend with ET/Alien day

CIA plays in the Twitterverse

The problem with voter initiative…they just don’t know

Fighting over the TDC $

Grow your garden…if the governor signs

“To make sure we do something”- a legislative problem

Guns for teachers goes to governor

Governor gets bill to ban plastic straw bans

Criminal justice reform under way as session closes

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