WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY: Idiots in Charge Edition!

Sarah Silverman as a comic is not everyone’s cup of tea, but she’s hitting the nail on the head with her thoughts on history and comedians.Every now and then you get to be present for someone getting his just due.One driver had the privilege recently and we get to share it today.

The Marines are planning to integrate men and women during basic training.How will it work?My guess is pretty well.While the USMC goes that direction, corporations are considering going another…banning all human contact at work.Does that make sense to you?

In the political realm a MAGA hat can get you lots of attention and called names all at the same time, a Canadian college professor had a fine idea after the San Diego Synagogue shooting.It would be funny if a Florida legislator had not actually tried it.Anyone with sense knows that plastic straw bans are a stupid idea.The legislature, thinking highly of itself and Tallahassee as it is prone to do, has sent a bill to the governor that will ban plastic straw ban enforcement in the state.As the legislative session winds down there are more issues to be resolved and we’ll keep an eye out and see what you think along the way.

All that said, it’s WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY and your topics get to the head of the line on today’s BML.

So…what’s on your mind?



Silverman has a moment of clarity

Justice with a taste of karma

Marines to integrate men & women in boot camp

Corporations consider banning ALL contact

Wear a MAGA hat, get yelled at by journalist

Canadian college prof has a fine idea after San Diego shooting

Governor gets bill to ban plastic straw bans

Criminal justice reform under way as session closes

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