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Space Coast Should Brace For Sonic Booms

(Cape Canaveral, FL) -- You might not need an alarm clock to wake up tomorrow morning on the Space Coast. A SpaceX launch set for just before 4:00 a.m. Wednesday at Cape Canaveral is expected to produce three sonic booms. Those booms will be heard as the Falcon 9 rocket's boosters descend to their landing spot. The rocket will carry supplies to the International Space Station.

Volusia County Sheriff To Increase Patrols At Worship Centers 

(DeLand, FL) -- Worshippers are being encouraged to arm themselves in Volusia County. Sheriff Mike Chitwood recently made that recommendation after the deadly shooting at a California synagogue this weekend. Chitwood says there will be extra patrols around religious centers, but he also believes worshippers should bring a gun with them as an extra layer of security. Chitwood tells the News-Journal it's a sad state of affairs, but we're dealing with irrational people who can attack at any time or place.

Police Nab Accused Serial Rapist 

(Daytona Beach, FL) -- A suspected serial rapist is behind bars in Volusia County. Police say Markeith Martin is linked to seven rapes in the Daytona Beach area going back nearly a decade. The 44-year-old homeless man was arrested Friday after a two-day manhunt.

Missing Tampa Bay Child Found In Kentucky 

(Tampa, FL) -- The search for a missing Tampa Bay boy is over, and his parents are facing charges. Hillsborough County deputies announced yesterday they were looking for three-year-old Joshua 'Noah' McAdams, who they considered endangered. He and his parents, who are charged with child neglect, were found in Kentucky. A court had ordered the parents to get the boy treated for a life-threatening medical issue, but the parents apparently refused and fled the state.  

Unusual Items Up For Auction In Orange County 

(Orlando, FL) -- Some classic arcade games could boost revenue for Orange County. The county is running an online auction this week, and among the many diverse items up for bid are arcade machines for Ms. Pacman, Frogger and Centipede. You can also buy an ice cream machine and county trucks before bids close tomorrow. The county just started holding its auctions online last year, and the comptroller tells the Orlando Sentinel revenues are up 400-thousand dollars compared to when auctions were done in person.  

Traveler Stopped By TSA For Trying To Take Moose Poop Onto Flight 

(Juneau, AK) -- There are a lot of things you can't take on a flight, but apparently moose droppings aren't on the list. TSA officials at a checkpoint at Juneau International Airport stopped a traveler carrying a "large organic mass" in their carry-on bag on April 15th. When TSA agency opened it up, they found the man was carrying a small sack full of moose droppings. TSA says there's no policy preventing someone for carrying animal waste in their bag, and the traveler was allowed to pass. The man with the moose mess said he gave the "nuggets" out on the steps of the State Capitol to protest certain politicians and their policies.  

Sigourney Weaver Makes Surprise Appearance At School Play 

(North Bergen, NJ) -- Actress Sigourney Weaver made a surprise appearance last week at North Bergen High School in New Jersey, as the drama club was putting on its last performance of "Alien: The Play. Weaver starred movie version of Alien back in 1979, which was a huge box office hit . She told cast members that it was thrilling to be in the audience for the play. The school's drama club decided this year to do something non-traditional and went with "Alien." Clips of the sci-fi high school show went viral. Even Alien Director Ridley Scott gave his stamp of approval to the show by donating five-thousand-dollars towards an encore performance. The show was staged on a small budget of three-thousand-dollars and was performed by a small cast of nine actors.


2001, the first "space tourist," California businessman Dennis Tito arrived at the international space station aboard a Russian spacecraft. 

1993, number one-ranked tennis star Monica Seles was stabbed in the back during a match in Hamburg, Germany. The man who stabbed her described himself as a fan of second-ranked player Steffi Graf.

1945, Nazi leader Adolf Hitler committed suicide along with his wife Eva Braun as Russian troops closed in on his hiding place in Berlin. Hitler was 56.

1939, President Franklin D. Roosevelt became first chief executive to appear on TV. Roosevelt spoke at the opening ceremonies of the World's Fair in Flushing, New York.

1798, the U.S. Department of the Navy was established. 

1789, George Washington took office as the first president of the United States.

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