Parrots and Legislators: hoping there's a difference

Dogs have been trained for centuries to do their master’s bidding, be it evil or good.Here’s a new twist: the look-out parrot!Clemson’s Dabo Swinney is now college football’s top paid coach, and if there’s a guy who deserves this, it’s Swinney.

Has Representative Randy Fine violated the provisions he champions in his own Ant-Semitism law?Speaking of, a weekend shooting in a California synagogue has revived the bill that had appeared to have been dead in the Florida Senate.Let’s hope the senators actually read and understand what this poorly crafted bill does and steer away from emotional reaction.There is a lot of ground to cover in the legislature this week, but the budget appears to be a near accomplished feat.

It’s funny that a group that would claim to be supporting voters is actually just another liberal activist group.The Tallahassee Democrat’s editorial on Andrew Gillum is worth the read.And lastly, USA Today is going after rogue cops.I don’t mind that, there is nothing worse than a bad cop, but the brush seems a bit broad.


The look-out parrot

If there’s a guy you want to see be top paid college coach…

Did Fine violate his own law’s standards?

Ill-thought-out bill is revived in the Senate

This week in the legislature

Budget appears nearly done

League of Women Voters not about voters at all

The Tallahassee Democrat on Andrew Gillum

USA Today going after rogue cops

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