Causes Bad for Business; Prejudiced or PC? Gillum and Israel are losers

It’s great to have a business.It’s great to have a cause.Sometimes you can combine the two and have a business that supports your cause, but if your business IS your cause, you don’t have a business.

Has the Kate Smith thing gone too far?When it distracts ESPN from sports, it has!

So, are we prejudiced in the United States or is the country just politically correct?The answer is a resounding, “YES!”

Former Democratic gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum has accepted a fine from the state ethics commission.You know, for those bribes he didn’t accept and for which he wasn’t a target of the FBI investigation.Those bribes.And the spin is on to try and maintain is credibility as a democratic activist.

Former Broward Sheriff Scott Israel has lost at the Florida Supreme Court and now his case is in the hands of the Florida senate.The question is how fast will the Senate act?


When your business plan isn’t one, it’s a cause

ESPN fights over Kate Smith

Prejudiced or PC?Yes, yes we are

So much for Gillum didn’t do it

The Gillum spin is on

Scott Israel loses at Supremes

Israel’s fate now in Senate hands

Teachers’ union wants reserves for pay hike

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