WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY- the floor is yours!

If you leave it to me we’ll be talking education (or lack thereof), parent dress codes for one high school, a wrongfully arrested mom, Rush on Republicans, more Florida elections law issues, whether or not noncitizens should count in the census, the Brevard Teachers’ union’s bright idea and texting while driving.

But, today it’s not up to me.The floor is yours when you call us at 321-768-1240 and launch your topic on this WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY.It’s what the day is all about.So, what’s it to be?Lines are open; let’s get this rolling!


Don’t get your science degree at Michigan State

Oh, I don’t think so…

Mom wrongfully arrested, loses job, almost loses kids

Rush on Republicans and Trump

FL election law proposals- combating stupid

Should the census count noncitizens?

Looks like Supremes say no

Teachers’ union wants reserves for pay hike

House/Senate juggle texting while driving bills

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