Your brain: plugging in; Assisting the Stupid vote; The Census-count who?

I don’t know who came up with the idea, but I wish they’d take it back.Human composting could be a thing…a thing we don’t want.Elon Musk must have watched Star Trek.His latest idea is plugging our brains into computers.Are you up for that?

When it comes to drug abuse in this country we are penalizing the wrong people and doing the wrong things.I’m no Starbucks fan, but they are getting fined when they should not be.

At Yale the students want the cops disarmed and the money to go antri-cop groups.

We didn’t quite wrap up our talk on Florida election law yesterday.We’ll try to today.Why are we determined to help the stupid vote count?

Should the census count noncitizens?It would seem the constitutional language says yes.

The Brevard teachers’’ contract is headed to the special magistrate.Now the union decides to offer up ideas where money can be found!


Human composting?

Elon Musk must have watched Star Trek!

We are penalizing the wrong folks…and doing stupid things

Yale students petition to have cops disarmed

FL election law proposals- combating stupid

Should the census count noncitizens?

Teacher contract to special magistrate

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