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Next SpaceX Launch On Schedule 

(Cape Canaveral, FL) -- A mishap over the weekend won't affect SpaceX's next launch. NASA announced yesterday that SpaceX's launch next week is on schedule. A Dragon spacecraft will head to the International Space Station a week from today. Over the weekend, a capsule was destroyed when SpaceX says there was an anomaly during an engine test. 

Gillum's Brother Called To Testify In Ethics Hearing 

(Tallahassee, FL) -- Andrew Gillum's brother may testify in the former Tallahassee mayor's ethics trial. The Florida Commission on Ethics recently subpoenaed Marcus Gillum to testify at his brother's hearing which starts tomorrow. Andrew Gillum's lawyers, though, are trying to prevent Marcus from testifying because he has already given a deposition. Andrew claims Marcus gave him a ticket to the Broadway show Hamilton, which would be a violation if it turns out the ticket came from a lobbyist.

West Palm Beach Man Shoots Carjacker Who Stole Car With Child Inside   

(Palm Beach County, FL) -- An accused thief who was shot several times by a carjacking victim is in critical condition. The West Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office says the shooter's six-year-old child was in the back seat when 29-year-old Lamar Thurman jumped in the vehicle and drove away Saturday. The boy's father got in another car with friends and chased the suspect down. Deputies say the father had to fire his weapon to make the man stop. The child was unhurt. 

Suspected Drug Dealers Charged With Murder 

(DeLand, FL) -- Two suspected drug dealers are being held responsible for two overdose deaths in Volusia County. Deltona's Sergio Perez and Melanie Cunningham were charged with first-degree murder yesterday for selling the heroin that led to the overdose deaths of a man and a woman last year. Attorney General Ashley Moody says opioids are killing 17 people a day in Florida, and to end this crisis, we must hold fully responsible anyone selling this poison.

Escambia County Official Resigns 

(Pensacola, FL) -- An outgoing Escambia County official has harsh words for the county's leaders. Assistant County Administrator Matt Coughlin submitted his resignation yesterday, and in his letter, he says the county doesn't have the ability or willingness to rise to the occasion and lead together. He says some in county government have resorted to tribalism, which has led to failures and hurt the citizens. Coughlin is the fifth county official to resign in the last year since the medical director claimed EMT training certificates were falsified.

Teacher Given Warning For Yelling At Students 

(Spring Hill, FL) -- A teacher caught on tape yelling at kindergarteners in Hernando County can stay in the classroom. Records released yesterday show Pine Grove Elementary School teacher Carmela Duncan was warned about her language, but no further action was taken. An online petition called for her firing after an audio recording from her classroom was recently posted on Facebook. Documents from the investigation show most students and teachers like Duncan, but the principal wrote Duncan needs to use a softer tone.  

Police: Texas Employees Coat Pizza In Laxatives 

(Springtown, TX) -- A Texas pizza restaurant is closed now due to their employees' food tampering antics. Springtown police say they discovered possible food tampering at Mr. Jim's Pizza after one of their employees posted online about putting laxatives on pizzas. Three of the employees were reportedly found to have put Miralax on a pizza pie eaten by a co-worker who later got sick.They deny they tampered with any pizzas purchased by customers. The restaurant's health permit has been pulled until an inspection takes place next week. Mr. Jim's Pizza says the three "prankster" employees have been fired. 


2010, Arizona Governor Jan Brewer signed a controversial immigration bill into law. The bill aimed to prosecute and deport illegal immigrants and gave police broad power to detain anyone suspected of being in the country illegally. Critics, including President Obama, said the bill gave license to harass and discriminate against immigrants.  

1985, the Coca Cola Company announced it was changing the 99-year-old secret formula for the world's best-selling soft drink. The move turned out to be an unpopular with classic Coke fans and the company soon changed its mind and brought back the original version. 

1956, the United States Supreme Court put an end to racial segregation on buses.

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