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Anomaly Could Cause SpaceX Mission Delay 

(Cape Canaveral, FL) -- SpaceX's plans to get humans back into space may have to be changed after what it calls an anomaly. Engine problems were reported during a test over the weekend at Cape Canaveral and plumes of orange smoke could be seen for miles. SpaceX was planning to fly astronauts to the International Space Station in a matter of months, but it's not clear if the company can maintain that timeline. There's no word on what happened this weekend or why, but NASA says they'll learn, adjust and safely move forward. 

Category 5 Upgrade For Hurricane Michael 

(Undated) -- National Hurricane Center officials are now saying Hurricane Michael was a Category Five storm. Post-storm analysis of the hurricane when it made landfall in Mexico Beach in October found that the wind intensity was 160-miles-per-hour and not 155, pushing it from Category Four to Category Five. Michael is blamed for 16 deaths directly, more than 40 indirectly, and it also caused 25 billion dollars in damages. It's now the fourth Category Five hurricane to hit the mainland U.S. in recorded history.  

Deadly Stabbing In Daytona Beach 

(Daytona Beach, FL) -- A man is dead after a stabbing in Volusia County. It happened yesterday afternoon in Daytona Beach at Ridgewood Ave and Taylor Road. A suspect is in custody. Police believe the two knew each other, but no details have been released on what led to the stabbing.

Authorities: Shooter In Road Rage Incident Acted In Self Defense 

(Parrish, FL) -- One man is dead after a road rage incident in Manatee County. Authorities say a driver acted in self-defense when he fatally shot a 32-year-old over the weekend. The men were out of their vehicles arguing when they each pulled out guns. The names are being withheld as part of the "Marsy's Law" amendment approved in November.

Florida Teacher Plans To Press Charges Against 9-Year-Old Student 

(DeLand, FL) -- A Florida teacher is planning to press charges against a nine-year-old. The Woodward Avenue Elementary School teacher claims a female student refused to pick up a book she threw, then punched her. The DeLand school's administration says they are looking into the recent situation. No medical attention was required in the incident in question, but the teacher's union says there have been instances this year that required hospital or urgent care visits.

Colorado Neighborhood To Change Its Name From Swastika Acres 

(Cherry Hills Village, CO) -- A neighborhood of Cherry Hills Village just outside of Denver is changing its name from Swastika Acres. The subdivision was once home to the Denver Land Swastika Company, which had that name before German Nazis adopted the swastika as their symbol. The name Swastika Acres does not appear anywhere expect on real estate documents. For many years changing the name required the support of 100 percent of residents of the neighborhood, but the council recently changed that to a simple majority. One resident spoke out against changing the name, but a majority did support it. The village's council voted unanimously on Tuesday to change it to Old Cherry Hills.

Brazilian MMA Fighter Teaches Perv aLesson 

(Rio de Janeiro) -- A man in Brazil is learning the hard way to keep his pants on. A 27-year-old MMA fighter was on a Rio de Janeiro beach shooting some bikini photos when she noticed a man was enjoying the photo shoot a little too much. Joyce Vieira said she spotted the man with his swim trunks down, making noises and groaning. She asked him to stop, he refused. That's when the MMA training came in handy. She kicked him, and he punched her back. Vieira said the punch angered her. So she got serious. When the man realized what he was up against he started screaming, and eventually ran away. Police caught up with him and he's been charged with committing an obscene act. 


2018, Four people died and several were injured in a mass shooting happened at a Waffle House restaurant in Nashville, Tennessee. A customer, James Shaw Jr., was able to wrestle away a semi-automatic weapon away from the suspect in a move that authorities said undoubtedly saved lives. 

2004, former NFL player Pat Tillman, who walked away from a multimillion dollar contract with the Arizona Cardinals in 2002 to join the Army's elite Rangers, was killed in action in southeastern Afghanistan where his unit was hunting al-Qaeda and Taliban guerrillas. Tillman was 27 years old.

2000, in a dramatic pre-dawn raid, armed immigration agents seized Elian Gonzalez from his relatives' home in Miami. The six-year-old Cuban boy at the center of an international custody battle was reunited with his father at Andrews Air Force Base near Washington.

1993, the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum was dedicated in Washington, D.C., to honor the victims of Nazi extermination.

1898, the Spanish-American War began when the U.S.S. Nashville captured a Spanish merchant ship off Key West.

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