Kardashian Wisdom, Good Cop-Better Cop, Archie Bunker & George Jefferson

We’ll begin our week with wisdom from Kim Kardashian.No, that isn’t a joke.Seriously, this may be the most intelligent thing Kim Kardashian has ever said.Then, instead of good cop, bad cop- we are going to play good cop, better cop.

Archie Bunker and George Jefferson are coming back to TV.No, not Carroll O’Connor and Sherman Hemsley, but a remake of the two series for a one night stand of ABC.Can it be done in today’s PC society?And will it be funny, shocking or just a lame attempt at recreating iconic shows?

A Federal court in DC has dealt a setback to the atheist “prayer” crowd.Seems the court understands that a prayer is to someone or something greater than ourselves.

In a foiled school shooting plot the suspects are not from the usual list.

In politics state and local Democrats want NPA voters in their primary elections.While they’d prefer open primaries, a completely stupid idea, I see some opportunity in their desires for their own.Remember operation chaos?

Speaking of elections, why is it that election laws being considered in Tallahassee seem to be combating stupid?


Kardashian wisdom:No, seriously!

Good cop

Better cop

Can these comebacks be successful?

Federal courts says atheist “prayer” can be banned

Not the usual suspects

Local Dems want NPA voters in primary

FL election law proposals- combating stupid

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