Teachers, Kids, Legislators and Reporters

There are times you just have to scratch your head and wonder what people are thinking.Such is the case with teachers’ unions and the ACLU in Rhode Island.What they want to keep legal is a sad indicator of just what they don’t understand.

The Mueller report out and the administration is cleared, not that it matters.The anti-Trump fervor will continue and Washington will be the cesspool it’s always been.

Is Tallahassee far off?Representative Tyler Sirois will be with us in the 7am hour to talk the legislative session.There are several bills causing contention and we’ll see just what’s in play as the session begins to wind down.

Jim Waymer covers the environment and more at Florida Today and he’ll be with us at eight.We talk about Satellite beach’s idea to avoid the media and potentially tough questions, the pollution issue beachside, the problem with pythons, dolphin disease and more.


Teachers want what to stay legal?

The Mueller report

FL House/Senate battle on hospitals, toll roads

Good election law

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