Cars, Kids, Felons & Fun TImes

And with a bankruptcy filing, it’s done.The AAF is a fond, but failed memory.

Controversial police cars will stay in Laguna Beach, CA.The council voted to keep the patriotic design that had some in an uproar.The girl who kicked the boy in groin as a group of boys tried to enter the girls’ restroom in an Alaska high school has been expelled.The boys were protesting a transgender student taking a selfie in the boys’ room and were trying to do the opposite.

Attorney General Ashley Moody has been asked to weigh in on Amendment 4 as the legislature crafts law on restoring felons to the voting rolls.In a law passed last year, many nursing homes and assisted living facilities have yet to comply and hurricane season is just over a month away.

I found an interesting read on what brought President Trump to office and the reactions thereafter.Is Bernie Sanders causing problems for the Democrats as the run-up to 2020 continues?Did you know that illegal immigration to the USA is an industry south of the border?Could the president be pulling the plug on the swamp?


It’s official!The AAF is done

Update: Laguna Beach stays in USA

Update: girl who kicked boy in girls’ room expelled

Amendment 4 questions to AG

Facilities not complying with law on generators

Interesting analysis of what brought Trump to office

Is Bernie causing problems for 2020 Dems?

Illegal immigration is an industry

Pulling the plug on the swamp?

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