WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY: Law & Order Edition???

So, this happened.And, no, we are not talking about it at the moment.Hey, we all work for somebody.

It does seem that patterns of behavior establish themselves.And we’ll also leave this story for another day.Florida Today isn’t.

Forget Build-A Bear, how about building a grudge and some very unhappy kids?Yep, one not-so-bright mom did this!Take a Florida man; add a Ferrari and a long stretch of highway, what could go wrong?

We have a Law and Order section of this morning’s show.It begins with a suspended Police Chief and then jumps to the Jussie Smollett case.There is plenty wrong with both of these stories.

And there isn’t much debate about regulating vaping and smoking in Florida, but is it smart?How about we just make a decision as to what age qualifies a person as an adult.Wouldn’t that be much simpler?Is it possible amendment 4 is backfiring?The president’s son-in-law says so, but is there a basis for it?

In addition to these stories it’s a WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY and we’ll defer to your topics as we hit the phones…so, what’s on your mind?


Build a Grudge birthday party

Florida man…Ferrari- what could go wrong?

Police Chief suspended…for this?

Smollett justice

Adults at what age?

Amendment 4 backfiring?

Pulling the plug on the swamp?

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