Patriotism, Free Speech, Traffic and Voting

So, this happened.And, no, we are not talking about it at the moment.Hey, we all work for somebody.

We will, however, talk about this.It’s good to see that the governor understands free speech.It does seem that patterns of behavior establish themselves.And we’ll also leave this story for another day.

As we get the day rolling- what is it about this country that its symbol causes consternation when displayed?

Lori Laughlin sure is pretty, but bright just ain’t in her repertoire.

If it’s good for the goose, the saying tells us it’s good for the gander.That may not be true in the high school bathroom transgender debate.Staying in school, Brevard’s teachers are staging a walk-in, which is lot more than their union did for negotiations.

In Viera the decision on golf carts is going to FDOT.I can’t imagine the state will sign off on this bad idea.The whims of wanna-be cart drivers should not subject the rest of vehicular or pedestrian traffic to the dangers this idea presents.

Is it possible amendment 4 is backfiring?The president’s son-in-law says so, but is there a basis for it?


Patriotic patrol car causes crying

Lori Laughlin- pretty, but stupid

Good for the goose…not so much the other way around

Teachers to stage “walk-in”

Viera golf cart issue to FDOT

Amendment 4 backfiring?

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