Perplexing Priorities

If you are attacked each time you leave your home you should be able to defend yourself against the assailant.And with law in Florida you can, unless your attacker is a hawk.Bill Maher may be the smartest leftist on the planet.He’s warning democrats of one issue they are to lose on in 2020.Student debt is a problem for many in our country.The question becomes: is it worth it?

New York City has a soft spot for drugs and it’s putting the city into the middle of business’ business.Tallahassee is moving toward better protecting our schools and of course the education establishment is against it.But Tallahassee, despite promises to fix the second amendment infringements in the original MSD school safety law, is taking no action on that front.And in Brevard we authorized a lagoon tax to try and improve the condition of our lagoon.Did we know some of that money would be for advertising?Should it be?

In our third hour today Bill Jacobson will sit with us and talk about his business, Puppies Plus in the Melbourne Square Mall.The county commission has voted to go after his shop in a misguided effort to close puppy mills.The feel-good law won’t do that, but it may just put him out of business.


When we get priorities wrong

Maher warns Dems they can’t win 2020 on immigration

Student debt worth it?

NYC gets into business’ business

Tallahassee gun legislation ignores MSD act violations

Careful what we fund…is this a wise expenditure?

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