Pet Stores Out- Is YOUR business next?

Welcome Jorge Medina back to the show today.We’ve missed him this week and appreciate Ray Guerrero stepping in while Jorge was out.

Can candy be racist?Are you racist for choosing it?Do you know the way to Chick-fil-A?One airport is actually getting a Chick-fil-A store and the town council is not happy about it!

We’ll pick up our Office of Tourism discussion and it’s one that provides a glimmer of hope for how the agency operates.The County Commission can now get a wild hair and close businesses that a single commissioner doesn’t like.They can’t, however, allow businesses they choose to allow to exist to use E-Verify.

Florida Today is pushing forward with Civility Brevard regardless of scant Republican participation.Good.There are lessons to learn if folks are willing to listen.

Randy Fine has proven he is no friend of the 2nd amendment.Apparently he holds the same regard for the 1st.


Racist Easter candy

Kevin Hart on comedy

Do you know the way to Chick-fil-A?

Noises from Tourism Office sound positive

Pet Store attack passed by commission

Brevard cannot require E-verify for businesses

When stereotypes are out of the conversation

Fine cares not about the 2nd Amendment- now the 1st?

Pulling the plug on the swamp?

Another IRS pain coming our way

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