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Lake, Brevard, Sumter County Ballots Subject Of Court Battle 

(Gainesville, FL) -- Ballots in Brevard, Lake and Sumter counties could soon look different based on what a federal judge does. Last week, a request for a preliminary injunction was filed in Gainesville to force those counties plus about 30 others to post ballots in Spanish. The request also asks the judge to order the counties to have Spanish-speaking poll workers and a Spanish-language elections website. The next election for the counties mentioned in the motion is August First.  

Three Men Rescued Off Naples Coast 

(Naples, FL) -- The Coast Guard is credited with saving three men off the coast of Collier County. The men were found, yesterday, in the water about 90 miles from Naples after their boat sank. The three Pinellas County residents were floating in a raft for two hours before they were pulled to safety. Rescuers credit the men for using their strobe lights and flares to signal Coast Guard crews to their location. 

Bill To Legalize Recreational Marijuana In Florida Dead   

(Tallahassee, FL) -- Recreational marijuana will not be legal in Florida this year. A bill to allow its use for those 21 and older has died in Tallahassee without a hearing or a vote. It was sponsored by Orlando Democratic Representative Carlos Guillermo Smith.

Cape Coral Restaurant Bill Spreads Online 

(Cape Coral, FL) -- A Lee County restaurant is in the spotlight after an online video about its billing practices. A video posted on Facebook yesterday shows a receipt from a customer at a Cape Coral Mexican restaurant that shows an extra fee for using a credit card. The state tried to ban that practice at one time, but a federal court overruled that ban, so it is legal. Some on Facebook have vowed not to visit any restaurant that does this or, if they must pay in cash, they'll do so in coins. 

Brevard Teen Ranked As Number-One Surfer 

(Melbourne Beach, FL) -- The best women's surfer in the world is a teenager from Brevard County. Melbourne Beach 17-year-old Caroline Marks moved into the top spot after winning a contest in Australia this weekend. Besides her new status, the win also came with a 100-thousand dollar prize. Marks tells Florida Today she has a long year ahead, but this has been the best event and best week of her life. 

Michigan Man's Winning Lottery Ticket Originally Spent A Night In The Trash 

(Harrison, MI) -- A Michigan man won 25-thousand-dollars a year for life after pulling his lottery ticket out of the trash. Jeff Heinig of Harrison said he threw his Lucky for Life lottery ticket in the trash because he thought it was worthless. Then when he checked the numbers online a few days later, he realized that they matched the numbers he always plays. So, he went dumpster diving and found the ticket. Heinig and his wife say they plan to do fun things with their winnings. 

Woman Faces Jail time Over Facebook Post 

(Dubai) -- A British woman could spend two years in jail in Dubai for making a Facebook post which criticized her ex-husband's new wife. Fifty-five-year-old Laleh Shahravesh was arrested at a Dubai airport after visiting the United Arab Emirates for her ex-husband's funeral. In 2016, after her husband left her for a new woman, she made a post calling him an "idiot" and his new wife a "horse." The widow recently reported the post to UAE officials for cybercrime, as someone can be jailed or fined for making defamatory comments online there. The woman's 14-year-old daughter was detained as well, but later released to relatives back in London. The woman is also facing a fine of more than 650-thousand dollars.


1959, America's first astronauts were introduced to the American people. The seven men were military test pilots chosen by NASA to take part in the agency's first manned space flights.

1942 the largest contingency of U.S. soldiers ever to surrender were taken captive by the Japanese. About 66-thousand Americans and 12-thousand Filipinos became prisoners of war. They were led on a 55-mile walk that would become known as the Bataan Death March. Thousands died of starvation, illness or at the hands of their captors. 

1940 Germany invaded Norway. The attack was a surprise to the neutral country and its British defenders. The invasion put several key strategic points under Nazi control.

1881 famed outlaw Billy the Kid was convicted of murder for the killing of a New Mexico sheriff. The trial lasted one day and Kid was sentenced to hang. Kid managed to escape, but was shot dead by Sheriff Pat Garrett a short time later.

1865, Confederate General Robert E. Lee surrendered, ending the Civil War. Lee was facing certain defeat with supplies running low and desertions rampant. By the time he surrendered his 28-thousand troops, Union soldiers led by Ulysses S. Grant had the confederates surrounded.

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