Hollywood, Harris and Heresy

We seem a bit Hollywood heavy as our day begins, but it’s got its good points!We also have the XFL going a bit too far in the extra point realm.College students in the DC region are upset they may be taught by a Supreme Court Justice…can you guess which one?

In the Florida legislature a gun measure that would protect churches, even if they have a school there weekdays, will almost surely die in the Senate while the House version moves.

Locally, Harris Corp., which may be the world’s leading LGBT supporting employer is finding itself at odds with those same folks through no action of its own.Here’s the lesson, Harris: when you begin playing in social issues you’ll never be pure enough in your support!You are a government contractor, not a social engineering group, so mind your business and get to work instead of advocacy!


Coming BACK to America

XFL- a little too cute?

Falcon Heavy postponed until tomorrow

The delusional Alec Baldwin

Actress, others entering guilty pleas

George Mason students losing their minds over Kavanaugh class

Church gun bill dies in Senate, lives in House

It’s WORK, not social engineering and Harris would be well served to remember it

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