Abolition Monday!

It was a busy sports weekend as the University of Virginia barely scraped by Auburn in the first semi-final of the NCAA tournament.Texas Tech then surprised Michigan State and tonight’s final is set.On the Women’s side, Baylor defeated Notre Dame by one to take the title after the Bears star player went out in the 3rd quarter.On the AAF front, how underfunded and mismanaged the league was is embarrassing, but the concept is proving out as several players who showcased their talents in the now defunct league have been signed by the NFL.

Updating stories from last week, WV’s mall mom has been charged for filing a false police report in the non-abduction of her daughter at the Huntington Mall.The imposter has been charged in the missing boy case that the family hoping beyond hope that the imposter was the real thing.

In other news if you are not a feral cat fan…do not approach the feral cat lady, she could be dangerous!Many of us are passionate about issues in front of our various governments.There are ways to share your concerns and ways NOT TO.The pet store abolishment act could be back in front of the county commission tomorrow along with golf carts.Why is FDOT messing up our roads?It’s not for the safety and convenience of vehicles, that much is certain.Harris has been pushing the LGBT agenda for a number of years.And here we thought they were government contractors and not social engineers.Now that stance could be problematic as their new equal in the merger has an image problem for that LGBT crowd.


NCAA Championship set

Apollos QB to Browns- THE CONCEPT WORKED!

Mall mom charged

Imposter charged in missing boy case

Told you a gun was required on feral cat patrol

How NOT to lobby your representatives

Pet Store ordinance could be back tomorrow

So, roads aren’t for vehicles

It’s WORK, not social engineering and Harris would be well served to remember it

Outlawing distracted driving

Civility support questioned

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