Sure...turn your weapons the bad guys!

The mall mom who went from hero to zero in no time may now be facing charges of her own.The Brits, believing banning weapons somehow stops weapons from getting into bad guys’ hands, have learned the lesson the hard way.Will governments ever stop going after sugary drink taxes?Authorities called in a fake bomb threat to get the massage parlor evacuated to set up the video sting that caught Robert Kraft.Commissioner Curt Smith penned a column on hazard wagons on our streets.We also have congressional issues we did not have time for yesterday.

Glad you’re with us on a Thursday…let’s see what the day holds.


Follow up: WV mall mom

Brit knife confiscation goes from bad to worse

Will they never stop?

Commit a crime to catch a hooker?

Curt Smith response to golf carts

Push LGBT Equality Act

One LGBT activist calls it a bad move

Finally- a Dem offended by socialism idea

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