AAF was The Alliance of American Football.It now stands for Alas, the Alliance Falls.It may have been a pipe dream from the beginning, but the upstart league had some good ideas and produced a good product.But like all products, it needed a customer base to support its existence.I gave it my support.Sadly, not enough people did.

A WV woman went from hero to zero in less than a day as her rescue of her daughter from a would-be abductor was not quite what it seemed.

Ohio is considering electoral suicide and Democrats in the US Senate are more than willing to help the Buckeye state.House Dems have blocked a bill that would stop the killing of live born babies that survive an abortion attempt and are pushing a LGBT equality bill that would turn the country upside down.One LGBT activist, now at odds with that community, says the House has it all wrong.There is at least one Dem who is offended by the big push toward socialism by the youth of her party.She just happens to be from Florida.

In Brevard the next strange issue in front of the county commission will be golf cars and where they may and may not be used.These things are a hazard to traffic and if they allow them on Viera Boulevard the diverging diamond will become THE DEATH DIAMOND.

Oh, and there is this little thing about it being a WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY…

…so, if it’s on your mind, it’s on Bill Mick LIVE.


AAF- Alas, Alliance Falls

WV woman hero to zero

Ohio considering electoral suicide

Senate Dems want to help Ohio do that

House Democrats block anti-baby killing bill

Push LGBT Equality Act

One LGBT activist calls it a bad move

Finally- a Dem offended by socialism idea

Golf cart problem coming to commission

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