The car, Boss Hogg, Publix, The FBI and the TDC

To this point it’s been fare for movies- the bad guy or the good guy taking remote control of the other’s car and causing a crash.Now it’s possible in real life.You sure you want to turn the driving over to your vehicle?

Publix has jumped back into Florida politics and that’s given rise to the return of Boss Hogg.Also in the Florida political world the state ethics commission may hear from the FBI agents involved in the Tallahassee corruption investigation that has former Democratic gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum in hot water.But this is just the ethics commission, a body that is not known for taking substantive action.I’d rather wait for the federal indictment and the trial to follow.There you know something will happen!

I was a bit surprised in the calls we got to yesterday’s show as we talked Florida Today’s Civility Brevard project.The calls we took were clearly anti-the idea.Have we become the echo chamber the left accuses us of being?It seems to me it’s simply a matter of trust.The mistrust is certainly earned, but the question is how to overcome it.

We didn’t get to the pet shop owner’s editorial yesterday as intended.We’ll try again today as gig government politicians want to shut down legitimate businesses while knowing it won’t impact what they say is their goal of closing puppy mills.

This is refreshing.The new tourism head in Brevard wants to stop frivolous spending by the TDC.I wonder how long his honeymoon will last.It could be over already, but it does give me hope.


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