Bias: The Infection Spreads

I hope you had as pleasant of a weekend as I did.I went to St. Augustine to spend time with my former partner and his family.I must have done something right as his 16 month old granddaughter was warming up to me by the time I left on Sunday.

As we get back to the real world is it just possible Ford could retake leadership in the SUV category?I have not been impressed with Ford’s offerings in the field, but there is hope!The Bronco, one truck I always liked, is making a comeback.It’s smaller (built on a Ranger frame) and it looks tougher…or at least we think so.If it’s anything like the ‘04 concept Bronco buyers may just flock to the new entry.

Bigotry is contagious.Ask Chick-Fil-A.It’s happened again.In the name of “inclusion” the chicken sandwich king is being excluded from yet another airport.It relates to a local story that makes us wonder if we’ll ever be able to talk with each other again.While some political forces work against it, Florida Today is launching a civility initiative.Can it, will it happen?It will, but getting participation will be key.

Speaking of, acts of an uncivil commissioner are highlighted as one business owner that Bryan Lober has targeted has spoken out.We’ll take a look.

In our final hour Sheriff Wayne Ivey will join us.Wayne and I disagree on the “puppy mill” ordinance and have discussed it previously.We are likely to do so again and catch up on law enforcement in the county as we wrap up today’s show.


Could FORD own the SUV market?

Religious bias vs Chick-Fil-A expands

Civility Brevard: so it IS possible to have the discussion

Potential Lober victim speaks out

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