Somebody Gets It!

The world is choosing what products we can have.How far will it go?I’m glad someone in paying attention in Texas. The denial of Chick-Fil-A at the San Antonio airport is nothing short of religious discrimination by government.I pointed this out last week and now the Texas Attorney General is picking up the ball.

Representative Tyler Sirois joins us at 7 as we get our weekly legislative update. We’ll see what is getting attention as the session winds on.

At 8 we’ll have a new guest from Florida Today.Tim Walters joins us and we’ll talk his columns on parenting and more as we close our week together.

After the show I am off to Florida Today to record Florida Today’s Eye on Brevard for next Wednesday.Isadora Rangel and I will be talking legislative issues and more.See it next Wednesday on WEFS-TV.


How far is it going to go?

SOMEBODY is paying attention!

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