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Hit & Run Suspect Arrested In Brevard County 

(Rockledge, FL) -- A man wanted for a hit-and-run in Brevard County is in custody. Rockledge Police arrested the suspect yesterday morning after the incident around Jamestown Drive where a plumber was pinned by a car against his work van. The plumber was airlifted to the hospital, and his boss tells Florida Today he could be released from the hospital today. The suspect has not been identified, and the charges he'll likely face have not been announced.

School Board Term Limits Bill Passes Florida House 

(Tallahassee, FL) -- A change pushed by lawmakers that would affect school boards across the state is a step closer to going before voters. A bill that would limit school board members to eight years in office passed a House committee yesterday in Tallahassee. The hope is to get it before voters next year. The bill now goes to the rest of the House for a vote.

Leek's Prescription Drug Bill Passes House Committee 

(Tallahassee, FL) -- Efforts to allow Canadian drugs to be imported to Florida are moving forward. Ormond Beach State Rep Tom Leek sponsored a bill that passed a House committee yesterday in Tallahassee. The bill would establish a program that would allow the state to buy discounted drugs, but critics say the bill puts patient safety at risk. The bill now goes to the rest of the House for a vote.  

Flight Makes Emergency Landing At TIA 

(Tampa, FL) -- A passenger is relieved after a brief scare on a flight out of Tampa. The Southwest Airlines flight took off from TIA yesterday before it was forced to turn around and make an emergency landing at the airport about an hour later. More than 100 people were onboard, including one who says he got concerned when he couldn't text his family. He tells 10News that's when things got a little serious, but he's thankful the pilot did a great job making a safe landing. 

Report: Kraft Files For Video Evidence In Prostitution Case To Be Suppressed 

(Palm Beach County, FL) -- New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft is filing a request to keep the video evidence in his prostitution case private. Reports say law enforcement in Palm Beach County has videos of Kraft engaging in a sexual act with a masseuse at the Orchids of Asia spa in Jupiter. Kraft's lawyers are claiming this is a "governmental overreach" and say law enforcement overstepped in trying to nab Kraft and 24 other men. Last week, various news organizations such as ESPN filed requests to make the alleged videos public. 

Police Remove Aggressive Alligator From Florida School Bus Stop 

(Apopka, FL) -- An aggressive alligator who was staking out children at a Florida school bus stop is no longer a threat. Police in Apopka say they removed the gator from the bus stop on Wednesday. The large animal was seen watching the children at the bus stop they get off each day. Officers tried to chase the gator back under a fence to a nearby lake, but it began hissing and refused to budge. A trapper was eventually able to capture the gator and safely euthanized it. 

Woman With Two Wombs Gives Birth Weeks Apart 

(Dhaka, Bangladesh) -- Doctors say a woman with two wombs gave birth to twins, 26-days after giving birth to her first baby. In late February the mother gave birth to a healthy baby boy in Bangladesh. Less than a month later, the 20-year-old was admitted to the hospital with abdominal pain. That's when doctors found that she was pregnant with twins in a separate uterus than where her first baby was conceived. Sultana gave birth to a healthy set of fraternal twins. Doctors say Sultana and her three children are doing well.


2016, Instagram users announced that users will now be able to post videos up to 60 seconds long.

1994, Jimmy Johnson resigned as head coach of the Dallas Cowboys. 

1971, a jury in Los Angeles, California, recommended the death penalty for Charles Manson and three females followers for the 1969 Tate-LaBianca murders. The four later had their sentences commuted. 

1882, the Knights of Columbus was chartered in Connecticut. 

1848, Niagara Falls stopped flowing for the first time ever. An ice jam in the Niagara River forced the water to stop.

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