To the Moon! Will we make it in 5 years?

It was a disappointing read to say the least.As you are likely aware, I am a fan of the Alliance of American Football.I have Orlando Apollos season tickets and I record nearly every AAF game each weekend.I believe the game itself is a better product than the NFL game.When I read the league may falter without help from the NFL Players Association my first thought was that the league started underfunded.That’s sad.It’s a good idea and good product.The NFL would be well served to preserve this innovative league that could develop players, rules, officials and coaches for the next level.

Sport at one time was the great uniter.Now the place where all were welcome (at least in my lifetime) and competition was king is being divided due to the unfair competition that is created by inclusion of males in female events.

Who knew veterans were a problem and that their patriotism is toxic?Apparently some members of an LGBT group at Oregon State University.

Jim Banke joins us at 7.The Vice President called for Americans to return to the moon in five years.Can it happen?Jim says yes.Will it happen?Jim tells us what it will take.And he’ll also clue us in on that female astronaut wardrobe malfunction.

Back here in Brevard the county commission granted pay hikes to a select group of employees while BPS and the BFT can’t come to terms on teacher pay increases.


AAF could go by the wayside

Division by Inclusion

LGBT group: Campus veterans jeopardize students

Back to the moon in 5 years?

NASA says it’ll take more money

Commission agrees to pay hikes for certain employees

BPS/BFT no salary resolution

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