WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY: Callers Take Control!

It’s a WIDE OPEN WEDNESDAY on BML.Today your topics take the spotlight when we go to the phones.You may have a topic we have not hit, you may have ideas on something we have discussed and missed your chance to call…it matters not.Today if it’s on your mind it’s on BML.

For my part we have these stories in play: Naked at the airport is a thing.Chicago- not my kind of town.Brevard commission comes closer to senses on pet ordinance.They also agree to pay hikes for certain county employees.And an LGBT group says veterans on campus are a danger to college students and their patriotism is a problem.

Let’s get the conversation started!


Apparently it’s contagious

NOT my kind of town

Maybe my kind of judge

Commission coming to some sense on pet sales ordinance

Also agrees to pay hikes for certain employees

LGBT group: Campus veterans jeopardize students

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