Space Wardrobe Malfunction?

When an all female space walk is scheduled it’s a big deal.When it’s cancelled you have to wonder why.In what may haunt NASA for some time, the change is wardrobe related!Maybe things in space aren’t so different from here on Earth!

Chick-fil-A has a reputation for the country’s best chicken sandwich and, if you ask academia, religious zealotry.Sadly others are buying into the false narrative and it’s caused San Antonio to violate the constitution.Will they be called on it?

MAGA- Michael Avenatti Got Again!The media darling lawyer who was made famous by an uplifting media seeking the anti-Trump has been arrested for trying to extort Nike.The guy was always slimy and this should be no surprise.

Brevard County is apparently underpaying employees who aren’t top level executives.It seems to me that the organizations are built from the ground up and the salary structure is upside down.

While Tallahassee considers legislation on lots of things, two have my attention this morning.Why are we giving the time of day to people who stole hundreds of thousands or even more when it comes to voter registration?And if we are restricting kids from smoking at 18 why do we continue to allow them to vote?


All female space walk off…wardrobe issue!

Airport bans Chick-fil-A

Avenatti arrested in extortion scam

Dershowitz sounds off and blasts CNN

County salaries/raises under consideration

If you can’t do the time…

If you can’t smoke at 18 why can you vote?

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