Suck It Up, Teachers!

We begin our Friday with a look at school safety and teaching teachers just what it’s like.Well, not just, but a close approximation.They don’t like it, but their unions still fight arming teachers?There is no logic in that decision.The training they have been exposed to is fairly typical and has been since the 1980’s.I’ve taken part and it may hurt, but it doesn’t injure you.Suck it up, teachers!You are asking for kids to experience the real thing when you can’t handle the simulation.

Representative Tyler Sirois will join us at 7am and we’ll get a look at what’s making news in Tallahassee.We’ll get Tyler’s thoughts on “Dorf on Garbage’s” latest ideas and much more.

At 8am it’s Florida Today’s John Torres.We’ll look at the civility conversation Florida Today is orchestrating and get some updates on Murder on the Space Coast.


Teachers: Suck It Up!

House bill allows armed teachers

Legislature needs to be careful with this one

Action on Felon Voter bill draws scrutiny

DeSantis signs “smoke ‘em” marijuana bill

The move to move the state capital

FT highlighting the community

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