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Whittaker Settlement Approved By UCF Board 

(Orlando, FL) -- UCF's former president is getting what one critic calls a generous golden parachute. The school's Board of Trustees, yesterday, approved a 600-thousand dollar settlement with former President Dale Whittaker. Whittaker resigned last month over the school's spending scandal and the board thought a settlement would prevent him from suing the school. A George Mason University professor who's an expert on presidential compensation tells the Orlando Sentinel it's one of the richest settlements he has seen for someone who served less than a year as president.The Board also voted unanimously to keep Thad Seymour as interim president for at least another year.

Man Arrested After Police Chase 

(Ormond Beach, FL) -- A Brevard County murder suspect is in custody after a police chase in Volusia County. Ormond Beach Police, yesterday, arrested Daniel Blair after he crashed around Harvard Street and A-One-A. The 40-year-old was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. He was wanted for killing a man in Titusville earlier in the day during a robbery at a home on Kirby Drive.  

Jacksonville Man Accused Of Kidnapping Children 

(Jacksonville, FL) -- A Jacksonville truck driver is accused of kidnapping two children. Marshall Pendergrass was arrested recently in Arizona after police say they found a brother and sister in the cab of his truck. The 14 and 12-year-old say Pendergrass is a family friend, and he picked them up last week in Texas to supposedly get them new iPhones. Instead, the children say they were tied up and on their way to Nevada before police found them.

MBPD To Start Crackdown On Spring Breakers 

(Miami Beach, FL) -- Plans are underway to address complaints about spring break visitors in Miami-Dade County. Miami Beach Police will have 80 more officers on the streets tonight, and another 70 are being brought in from other departments. Mayor Dan Gelber says nothing is more important than making sure residents feel safe, and visitors need to follow the law and respect the community. 

Family Worried About Drone Invading Their Privacy 

(Cape Coral, FL) -- A Lee County family is worried a drone is invading their privacy and putting them in danger. Cape Coral's Janice Hulse says a drone has been seen hovering around their property several times recently. She says, one time, it almost hit her in the head, and she's scared it could be operated by a child predator spying on her daughter. She says police can't do a lot, so she'll just keep an eye out and hope it goes away.

Giant Lobster Claw Spotted At Costco 

(Newport Beach, CA) -- Most things at Costco are big, but a giant lobster claw is going viral. A food blogger named Jules shared a photo of a three-pound claw he spotted at a Newport Beach, California store with the caption "I hope we have enough butter." The claw is about the length of an adult forearm and about as wide as an adult hand fully spread. The food news blog FoodBest says customers across California have been sharing pictures of lobster claws from Costco ranging from two to seven pounds.


1994, the National Football League announced the addition of the two-point conversion. It was the league's first scoring change in 75 seasons.

1990, former tanker captain Joseph Hazelwood was found innocent on three charges in connection with the Exxon Valdez oil spill in Alaska. The jury convicted him on a charge of negligent discharge of oil.

1985, Wendy’s hamburger restaurant ended its relationship with Clara Peller. She coined the famous phrase "Where's the Beef?"

1934, the first Masters golf championship began in Augusta, Georgia.

1894, the Montreal Hockey Club defeated the Ottawa Hockey Club, three-to-one, in the first Stanley Cup championship game.

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