Ownership and Image

Ownership- possessing something legally and having control of it.Photographs- who owns them?Is it the photographer or the subject?It’s one thing if you’re a model or personality and control of your professional image is a concern.Contracts detail those arrangements.But what about, for example, slaves.Harvard possesses some photos of slaves in United States.The families want the pictures claiming as descendants the pics belong to them.

In South Carolina legislators have a good idea for education.Guess who’s fighting it.

Orlando International Airport is suing Melbourne’s airport over a name.The name is Orlando and the big daddy airport is right.

We have several legislative stories to consider today including a bad idea on recycling that would make you an unpaid employee of Waste Management with the law on the side of enslaving you.


Who owns the pics?How about the owner?

SC good idea fought by Dems

Orlando International Airport suing Melbourne over “Orlando”

Legislature needs to be careful with this one

Action on Felon Voter bill draws scrutiny

DeSantis signs “smoke ‘em” marijuana bill

The move to move the state capital

FT highlighting the community

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